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Frequently Asked Questions

You create your account upon making your first purchase on our website. To do this, visit our order page HERE.
You are ordering a live internet video Pay-Per-View. Your order is valid for live event only, and will expire upon its completion.
Speed Shift TV can be viewed from almost any computer, laptop, tablet or mobile device with a high speed internet connection. We strongly recommend smart phones, tablets and computers made within the last five years. Questions about your device’s compatibility?
We strongly suggest Firefox, Chrome or Safari. Browsers such as Internet Explorer and AOL are discouraged. Shut down other running programs and internet tabs if problems persist. Firefox and Chrome are free to download.
Sharing an account will temporarily disable your viewing. Additional accounts may be purchased here. You can only register an email one time.
We suggest a minimum download speed of 1Mb. A poor internet connection is the leading cause of slow or diminished viewing. Multiple devices on a single wi-fi connection may also generate a slow connection. Test your speed here.
If the event is cancelled before heat races are completed, you will receive a refund in full. No refunds will be administered due to an event cancellation after heat races are completed.


Complete the form below or send us an email at [email protected] with any questions you may have and we will get back to you. On race nights, we will contact you ASAP to work with you regarding any potential issues.